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Generac Backup Battery

Your answer to power outages.

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What Is A Generac PWRCell Battery Backup?3

Generac battery backup systems, from the #1 brand in residential backup generators, store any unused power from your solar panels for later use. When you experience an outage, you can leverage the stored power in your battery to keep portions of your home running. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of investing in a Generac battery backup with your solar panel system.

Generac is a world-renowned company that provides generators, power washers and batteries. Since 1959, Generac continues to present innovative generator technology by introducing automatic transfer switches, portable technology and more.

Benefits Of A Generac Battery Backup System

Generac batteries offer cutting-edge solutions to common issues, such as power outages. Here are some of the ways a battery backup can impact your home:

  • Power portions of your home during outages.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Potentially save money on your electric bills.
  • Potentially reduce your dependence on the power grid.
  • Customize the battery settings to meet your specific consumption needs.

How Does A Generac Battery Backup Work?3

What It Does

With a battery backup, you can store unused power generated by your solar panels for later use, such as during a power outage, or at night, when your panels aren’t producing.

How It Works

Typically, solar panels can only power your home when you’re connected to the grid. By storing excess solar energy inside your battery, you can power a portion of your home independently from the grid.

What It Matters

Bundling a Generac battery backup with your solar panel system helps your solar energy go further for your home’s energy needs. Watch the video to see how it works.

Solar Battery and Power Outages

Poor weather conditions, construction and more can impact the electric grid. A backup power source can offer you the opportunity to keep your home’s essentials running during an outage. Even in the winter months or during times of low solar production, a battery backup can help your system provide solar power to your home.

Learn More About Your Solar Battery Modes

The Generac battery backup offers four storage modes, allowing you to manage your supply of solar power for use overnight or during grid failure

Self-Supply Mode

Send excess solar output from your solar panels directly to the Generac battery. When the battery reaches full capacity, additional solar power is sent back to the grid.

Clean Backup Mode

Instead of using solar energy for your home’s day-to-day power needs, first send the solar electricity your system produces directly to your backup battery to keep it at full capacity.

Priority Backup Mode

Supplement your stored solar electricity with grid power in order to keep a full supply of electricity in your Generac battery.

Grid Mode

Use grid power to keep your battery at full capacity. This may be the right option if your backup battery is not connected to your solar panel system.

Want to keep track of your battery’s storage supply? With the Generac PWRview App, you can remotely monitor your solar system live, for solar peace of mind on the go.

Generac PWRCell Warranty

Protect your solar investment with the Generac PWRCell warranty, designed to ensure your battery backup is free of product and workmanship defects.

Generac PWRCell Cost

You can make the most of your solar investment with our Pink Energy Value Pack, which includes premium solar panels, a Generac battery backup and our SMARTPWR360°™ package of energy-efficient home upgrades. To learn more about costs, request a free quote today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will my Generac battery backup system live?

We’ll install your battery backup against a wall in your garage or mounted on the side of your home, depending on your property’s unique design. A cover shield will help protect your battery from environmental degradation.
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When can I rely on my battery backup’s power supply?

Anytime your solar panels aren’t producing enough energy to power your home or the grid fails, you can tap your battery’s supply to power essential parts of your home.3
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Do solar panels generate energy when it rains or snows?

Solar panels typically generate less solar energy under inclement weather conditions. However, you can use your Generac battery backup’s stored solar energy to power your home on the days your panels underperform.
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Can I use a Generac battery backup without connecting it to my solar system?

Yes! The grid mode on your Generac battery backup allows you to use grid power, rather than solar power, to keep your battery at full capacity.
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How Does The SMARTPWR360º™ Package Support My Solar Panels And Generac Backup Battery?

The SMARTPWR360º™ package of energy-efficient upgrades helps your home potentially use less power. Subsequently, the energy generated by your solar panels and stored in your battery backup can stretch further for your home over more time.
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